About Us

Under the sponsorship of the Bedford Center for the Arts, we are a group of Bedford (MA) Photographers trying to strike a balance between exploring how technology can be used more effectively to help each of us be more productive with our work and enjoying and discussing the more artistic side of photography.

The Group was founded in late 2010 when several of the current members attended a photography class held by BCA.  After a somewhat lengthy digression into technology initiated by a question from the group, the “Geeks” were encouraged by BCA Co-director, Julie Turner, to form a group for photographers who wanted to  get together to talk about the technology of photography.  In 2011, the Group was initially led  and coordinated by Marv Goldschmitt with assistance from Bob Bass and John Wiliszowski.  In the the first year, monthly meetings drew 15-20 attendees from Bedford and nearby communities to hear some of the advanced level members talk about a wide range of topics dealing with digital photography including:

  • workflow (Michael Baker)
  • avian photography (Michael Milicia)
  • events involved in the camera during capture (Michael Milicia)
  • critique, composition, and art (Mark Levinson)
  • open source editing software (Bob Barrett)
  • sharpness and focus (Marv Goldschmitt and Michael Baker)
  • panoramic photography (Carlton SooHoo)
  • studio photography (Carlton SooHoo)
  • Backing up images and other data (Bob Bicknell)

In the spring of 2012, a Steering Committee was established to plan meetings and other activities of the group.  The members include:

  • Bill Davison, Co-chair
  • Bob Bass, Co-chair
  • Bianca Bauer
  • Bob Bicknell
  • Donna Griffiths, Treasurer
  • John Sullivan
  • Dennis Rainville (joined March, 2013)

The Group typically meets on the first Tuesday of each month in the BCA Space at the Old Town Hall, South Street on the Bedford Common.  Individuals interested in photography are welcome and may be added to the mailing list for meeting notices by contacting Bob Bass at rwbass5@comcast.net.


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