How to submit images for image sharing sessions

Submit photos by email to:

   with Email subject line: “The Monthly Topic” PhotoChallenge



Spec’s for submitting photos


  • Profile — sRGB color space
  • Maximum pixel width – 1400 (to fit projector dimensions) for Landscape
  • OR
  • Maximum pixel height – 1050 for Portrait


Suggested photo preparation process for submitting images

Edit your photograph in your favorite image editing program such as Photoshop, Elements, etc.

Make a copy of the image in jpeg format for submission.

Convert the jpeg image to the sRGB color space if it isn’t already in that color space.

Size each jpeg image so that it is no wider than 1400 pixels on its width for landscape images or no taller than 1050 on its height for portrait images. Let the resize action dynamically resize the other edge.

Save the jpeg image using the file naming convention AA_BB_C_ 1of2   and 2of2

Where AA= your LAST NAME


C  = the “category ” of the entry     O for Open and S for Suggested

followed by its order   1of2 or 2 of 2

Please use the UNDERLINE character and not the dash

Example     Bicknell_R_O_1of2


Submit your images to, no later than the appropriate date.



You may also bring in 2 prints:

Prints should not be framed.

Matted is preferred, but not mandatory

Dimensions should not exceed paper size of 13×19.



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