June 3–Wildlife Photography with Charlie MacPherson


We had a full house (>35) for our last regular meeting of the 2013-2014 year and a triple-bill evening.

First, we heard from BCA’s new Executive Director and Board President, Elizabeth Hacala.  Elizabeth was elected by the membership at the annual meeting on May 22nd and will officially take office August 1.  We are thrilled that Elizabeth is bringing extensive experience managing non-profit organizations with over ten years experience at the Massachusetts Library Association, first as Publications Manager and then as Executive Manager for five years.  She also worked for the Unitarian Universalist Partner Church Council and Digital Commonwealth.  In Bedford, Elizabeth was the member of the Bedford Community Preservation Project, in which she filled several leadership roles.  Elizabeth is looking forward to learning more about the Photo Group and working with our members, many not members of BCA, so that we can know more about BCA.

Our second presentation came from Jason Musselman and Becca Ladders of Our Journey for Hope, a non-profit organization founded by Jason and Becca to bring photography to disadvantage children and challenged adults.  Jason had presented to our group twice before on work that they had done in South Africa and Honduras.  Their current work is with adults at Advocates, Inc. in eastern Massachusetts.  Their work there integrates staff and adults challenged physically or with mental health issues.  Members of our group can be helpful by donating used point and shoot cameras or purchasing refurbished cameras and having them shipped to Jason and Becca. If you would like to help please contact Jason or Bob Bass.

Wildlife photographer, Charles MacPherson was our primary guest speaker.  A native of Boston, he is an award-winning wildlife and nature photographer as well as a prolific author, popular speaker and photo tour guide.  As unlikely as it seems for someone raised in the big city, he has inexplicably developed a passion for the people, landscapes and wildlife of the artic. To that end, he and his camera have traveled from northern Alaska to Labrador, to the James Bay and Nunavik to Iceland in search of wildlife and arctic photo subjects.   His favorite photographic subjects are Polar Bears, Alaska Brown Bears, Musk Oxen, Artic Fox, Snowy Owls, Wolf and Caribou.   Not entirely immune to freezing, he also travels south in the winter for bird photography in Florida and conducts numerous tours near his home in New England in the spring, summer, and fall.

We were sorry to learn that Charlie is moving on to a new professional venture in real estate and that he has put his company, The Amazing Image,  up for sale.  Individuals interested in purchasing his company can contact Charlie directly.

Our last meeting of the year will be in the technical series, June 17, 7 pm.  At that meeting, we will review images taken at the field trip to the North Bridge last month.

We will resume meetings in September.  Check our blog later this summer for the schedule.  Have a great summer!

Bob Bass








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