May 6 Meeting–Image Sharing


The Bedford Center for the Arts Photo Group will feature its members’ work again in an image sharing session with New England School of Photography faculty member, Nick Johnson critiquing. Members may submit two images that will be projected on screen and two printed pictures that will be on display. The theme for May’s images is either “movement”, but members who are working on other projects may also submit in the “open” category. (See below for details on how to submit your images)

The image sharing sessions, occurring in alternate months, provide Photo Group members valuable feedback on both artistic and technical aspects of their work. The BCA Photo Group is not competitive; each photographer works at her or his own level and the emphasis is on supporting each other and improving the overall quality of everyone’s work.

Johnson and his wife Kelli Costa are the owners of Gallery Seven in Maynard. His photographs have been featured in a number of solo shows in the Boston area and in photographic publications. His work is also included in the permanent collections of the Danbury Art Museum and the Fitchburg Art Museum.  He has been a large format fine art photographer for over 30 years and he has been teaching at the New England School of Photography for the past 18 years and Director of the school’s Center for Photographic Exhibitions for 13 years.

Johnson served as juror for the Photo Group’s 2012 show at the Cary Library in Lexington. Following that show, he provided the Group feedback and discussed all of the images that had been submitted. Bob Bass, Director of the Group, commented that “we are eager to have Nick return to see how our Group has grown, and hopefully we’ll hear that the quality of our overall work has continued to improve”.

The Photo Group, a program of the Bedford Center for the Arts, continues to grow and now comprised of around 35 members from Bedford and other eastern Massachusetts communities. The meetings are held on the first and third Tuesdays of each month from 7-9 pm in the BCA space on the ground floor of Old Town Hall, 16 South Road, Bedford. Guests are welcome. For more information, see or contact Bob Bass at or 781-275-5230.

Guidelines for image sharing:

An early reminder that on Tuesday May 6, 2014  we will be having  our critiqued PhotoSharing.
The “suggested ” topic will be “Movement ”  and our “critic of the month” will be Nick Johnson  from NESOP  and Gallery 7 in Maynard

For those of you who would like to skip the suggested topic but would like to participate anyway  we also have the “open ” category .
So you can submit a total of two digital images .

Because the print sharing went over so well  at the March meeting we’ve decided to make this a permanent part of  the the Photo Sharing  / Critique, at least as long as there is interest and participation.
There will be, again a maximum of  two prints per person  These  will all be in “open “category  to keep things simple.

Prints may be matted or unmatted (no framed photos please – don’t want to damage any).  For handling purposes matted prints are easier to work with (and less likely to be damaged) so these are preferred, but not required. These do not have to be expensively printed or matted.  Many art and craft stres such as Michaels or A.C Moore have reasonably priced matting.
Minimum suggested image size is 8×10 .
Maximum image size probably 16×20/16×24  (we have to handle these to display so nothing too large and our room is still a bit crowded)
Use your judgement on overall size.

So, in May  you will be able to submit up to two digital images, submitted in advance, and bring in up to two printed images

Guidelines  for digital images

Profile — sRGB color space
Optimum “pixel dimensions” for the projector for  Landscape images is 1400 for WIDTH ( let resize calculate height) and for Portrait  images is HEIGHT of 1050 (let resize calculate the width)

Suggested photo preparation process for submitting images

Edit your photograph in your favorite image editing program such as Photoshop, Elements, etc.
You may submit up to two digital  images
Make a copy of the image in jpeg format for submission.
Convert the jpeg image to the sRGB color space if it isn’t already in that color space.
Size each jpeg image so that it is no wider than 1400 pixels on its wide  edge for “Landscape ” images or no taller than 1050 pixels on its tall edge for “Portrait” images.
Save the jpeg image using the file naming convention “lastname_first initial_ 1of 2, etc.
Submit your images to, no later than end-of-day  Tuesday, April 22, 2014
Please order your images in “order of importance”.
Subject line in your email should be “Movement – May 2014″
If you are submitting images to the “Open” category please make a specific note in your email and identify the image or images so I can separate the assigned category  images from the Open category images.

If you have any questions please drop me an email at

Bob Bicknell



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