Program for January 7 meeting


Happy New Year! Here’s wishing you a happy new year  full of 5-star images and all your submissions to juried shows accepted.  That may be a big order, but the steering committee will do all it can to have interesting meetings and offer other opportunities that you’ve come to appreciate from participating in our Group.  I know I look forward to the opportunity to continue learning from all of you.

Our first program of the year will be something very different and interesting both from the technical side and the human interest about the photographer.  One of our newer members, Charlie Mazel, will show and tell us about his work in photographing florescence.   Here’s what he has to say about it—

Bedford resident Charles Mazel’s fascination with fluorescence, particularly underwater, has taken him diving on coral reefs around the world and to the bottom of the sea in research submersibles. Mazel will be the featured speaker at the Bedford Center for the Arts Photo Group’s meeting from 7 to 9 p.m. on Tuesday, January 7, at the Old Town Hall, 16 South Road.

Fluorescence is a magical optical effect that often reveals vibrant hidden and unexpected colors and patterns in familiar subjects. For Charlie his obsession started as a simple curiosity as to what he would see if he went scuba diving at night with ultraviolet lights, and eventually led to a career in the science and engineering of equipment for researching, viewing, and photographing fluorescence. Through his company, NIGHTSEA, he provides fluorescence equipment for recreational scuba divers, marine scientists, laboratory researchers, and more.

Charlie will give a presentation on the science of fluorescence, how to see and photograph it, and how the pursuit of fluorescence images shaped his career. The talk will be richly illustrated with fluorescence photographs taken underwater, in the dessert, in Bedford gardens, in the kitchen, under the microscope, and other locations.

The second half of the meeting will be sharing of images from the photo challenge “Focus – or Not”  and critique by a previous speaker, Don Toothaker.  These sessions have been very successful and are proving to be a good way to learn more about composition.

Hope to see you there–Old Town Hall, 16 South Road, 7 p.m.

Oh, yes, it would be great if you’ll bring your check for the coming year’s dues ($50).

Bob Bass


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