Meeting Notes for December 3


If you were unable to attend our meeting on December 3rd, you missed a great live demonstration.

Lighting designer and consultant, John Gates, was the featured speaker at the Bedford Center for the Arts Photo Group’s meeting from 7 to 9 p.m. on Tuesday, December 3, at the Old Town Hall, 16 South Road. Gates  explore d“Looking at Lighting Choices”, planning/designing for non-flash ‘fixed constant’ lighting, use of colored and diffusion gels, along with fixtures and lamps for creating better photo images.   By directing a camera connected to our projector, we were able to see on the screen the effects of various adjustments that affect the lighting of the subject.  As the information below, taken from our press release, indicates, John is an award winning lighting designer and a distinguished educator.  I think we all enjoyed John’s low-key professorial manner and he used the Socratic method effectively.  He didn’t leave us with a list of things to do when setting up a shot; rather, he gave us insight to the important variables at play in determining what light is going to fall upon our retinas and our camera’s sensors to determine how we perceive the subject of the shot.
John has over thirty years of experience in helping clients create attractive lighting for their television, film and special event projects. His work has appeared on almost every domestic broadcast and cable network and several foreign networks.  He has lit seven U.S. Presidents, one Pope and other world leaders, won two Emmy® awards & the top Illuminating Engineering Society Award, is a Fellow of the Society of Motion Picture & Television Engineers and has worked in various motion picture formats (film & non-film), including 3D.
Gates also has a long-standing reputation as a teacher having led more than 100 workshops, seminars and master classes during his career. He has taught a production lighting course at Boston University’s School of Communications since the Spring of 1992.


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