September 10 Meeting Notes

Twenty-one members and 5 guests were welcomed by Bill Davison for the first meeting of the 2013-2014 year.

Mark David Bailey was our presenter for the evening on the topic of panoramic photography.  Mark, a member of the Photo Group,  is well known for his rock balancing and beautiful landscapes.  As he explained, panoramic photography is a natural way to capture the full extent of a fantastic scene.  Mark showed us a number of his images, many from Block Island and then showed us how he uses the equipment to capture the images.  As an added bonus, Mark brought in a print on metal and left it in the BCA space for a while.  Great job, Mark.  Thanks!

The second half of the meeting was the image sharing or “Photo Challenge”.  The assignment given in June was to bring in any images that we wanted to share with the Group.  Erin Carey, a faculty member at the New England School of Photography, was our guest critic.  Ten members submitted a total of 21 images.  These were reviewed by Ms. Carey ahead of time and she provided extensive feedback on all.  One of the points she made was that every image has three components–the subject, the photographer, and the photography.  She emphasized the importance of all of these and helped us understand the strong features of our images and ways in which we might improve them.  We are very happy that we will be able to continue having critiques of the Photo Challenge.  In November Nick Johnson, who judged our show for the Carey Library last year, will be with us for our next image sharing session.  Getting supportive feedback on your work is an important resource for becoming a better photographer.  Everyone is encouraged to take part and submit images.  Details on future challenge will be provided at the October meeting and provided in the meeting notes on this space.

In business, we announced that we have the opportunity of having Tim Grey provide a workshop in Bedford as a fund raiser for our Group.  From the show of hands and the comments made in reaction to the announcement, it seems that the Group is enthusiastic about this.  The Steering Group will move forward to work with Tim to arrange the workshop.

Bill is working on docent tours at Fitchburg and Peabody Essex Museums.  We hope to have more information by time of the next meeting.

Meeting notes by Bob Bass (


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