June 11 Meeting Notes

Threatening weather necessitated that we cancel our planned walk at Mary Cummings Park to be led by Jonathan Sachs.  Instead, we were treated to two presentations at our regular meeting space:

1) Jonathan Sachs provided some background on the history and current status of Mary Cummings Park.  This is land that was left to the city of Boston in the will of Mary Cummings.  Use and management responsibility has been debated for years.  Jon is a member of the Friends of Mary Cummings Park, a group that advocates for it to stay in its natural state.   Jon showed some of his images captured there and gave us a virtual tour of the park.  He also told us about his poison ivy website (http://www.poison-ivy.org/), a project that grew out of his concern that people visiting the Park not come in contact with it and suffer the consequences.  The site has done well and Jon reports that he gets hundreds of thousands visits on summer days.  Finally, Jon told us a wonderful story about a visit to Oregon that led to the discovery of an amazing collection of old trucks.  Jon documented this collection and later developed a website and published two books of pictures from it (see http://www.spraguetrucks.com/ for pictures and the story).  Thanks, Jon, we enjoyed the evening and look forward to seeing you sometime at Mary Cummings Park.

The second half of the evening was a presentation of images and discussion by Mike Milicia.  Mike showed us two sets of images.  The first were from a recent trip to Bowdoin Wildlife Refuge in  Montana where he went to photograph several species of shore birds in their breeding season here.  Some of these pictures are also on his Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/miliciaphoto.  Several great pictures were of American Avocets  exhibiting mating behaviors.  Mike explained what he looks for as a good image including all areas in sharp focus, proper exposure, and head angled slightly toward the viewer.  He also demonstrated the difference between images as they were captured by the camera and how provided slight enhancements.  The other set of images were the Piping Plovers with newly hatched chicks.  Mike runs one-on-one photo opportunities during June in a north shore location.  Thanks, Mike, great presentation and your volunteering to do this on such short notice is a great contribution to the Group.

With summer coming on, the BCA Photo Group will take a two month hiatus from meetings.  We hope to see you all in September 10 (regular date pushed back a week because of Labor Day) for a program that will include panoramic photography by our own Mark Bailey and an “open” photo challenge.  News and instructions for the challenge will be sent out sometime in early summer.  Let’s try to get 100% participation in sharing images.  If you have questions or problems, let me know (rwbass5@comcast.net).

Have a great summer, everyone!


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