June Meeting

In place of our regular meeting in June, Donna has arranged a photo walk at Mary Cummings Park the evening of Tuesday, June 11, from 7 – 9 p.m..  The walk will be led by Jonathan Sachs, a photographer who leads a monthly photo walk at the Park on the first Saturday morning.  Mary Cummings Park is located on  Blanchard Road, near the big blue water tower, in Burlington only about 7 miles from Bedford center.  Directions below are for both the back way from Bedford via the Mall Road and via 128 (take your choice; at that time of day I’ll take the Mall Road).

See below for an alternative program should bad weather threaten.

What to expect:  Mary Cummings Park is an over 200 acre public park that offers fields, forests, trails, wetlands, and a variety of wildlife habitats for public enjoyment.  Since Jon is a photographer very familiar with this park, he will give us an insider’s view to nature photography there including flowers, insects, and perhaps a lovely sunset as a backdrop (sunset is conveniently about 8:20).    We’ll plan on being in the park until about 9 pm.  Some folks have talked about stopping for a late dinner or snack at b.good on the Mall road, and there is a frozen yogurt place next door if that’s what you’d like.

Some of Jon’s pictures are on the web at http://cummingspark.org/photowalks .

What to bring:  your camera, a tripod and cable release if you have them, and some insect repellant.

The park has a wide variety of habitats, from fields to forest to wetlands. There are endless subjects for photography, in every season.  For more information on the Park and some images that Jon captured there, please see


Directions from Old Town Hall, via Rt. 62 and Burlington Mall Road:  http://goo.gl/maps/ad3Xk

Directions via Rt 128 (95) : http://goo.gl/maps/oCf8z

On the day of the walk, you can reach Bob Bass at 508-341-2852.

In the event of bad weather (we’ll try to make this call a day in advance):  We will meet at the BCA Space for a program on nature photography and image sharing, 7-9 pm.

Hoping for good weather and to see to see you all there!


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