Meeting Notes for May 7

Dennis Rainville presented a program, with live demonstration, of his work with focus stacking.  Focus stacking is a technique used to produce an image such that all elements are in focus.  This technique is especially helpful in macro photography where the depth of field of a single image captured can be only a fraction of an inch.  Aided by computer applications that Dennis discussed and demonstrated, he takes multiple images of the subject with the focus at different planes.  The program controls the image capture phase and will also blend the images into the final product.  Dennis has an excellent Powerpoint presentation that details the process, but unfortunately it is too large to be posted to our Yahoo Group page.  If you are interested in seeing his slides, email Dennis at

He also provided several helpful links:

The Photo Challenge had a theme of Night Photography.  Eight individuals submitted images.

Next photo challenge is in September. The theme is “open”, which means any image you would like to submit.  Let’s try to have at least one image from everyone.  Yes, we can!

Next meeting is June 11 at the Mary Cummings Park in Burlington.  Jon Sachs will lead a photo walk from 7-9.  Hope to see you all there.


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