April Meeting Notes

Nineteen members and two guests were welcomed at 7:05 by Bill Davison.  Announcements included:

  • Dennis Rainville has volunteered and joined the Steering Committee
  • June’s meeting will be on the 2nd Tuesday, the 11th.  There will be a photo walk and those interested will meet at a local restaurant for dinner afterwards
  • Lightroom workshop is scheduled for May 4
  • the photo challenge for May will have the topic of “Night Photography”
  • Mike Milicia will continue previewing his talks to be given at the Florida Birding and Photo Fest at 6:30, April 4 & 11

Our guest speaker was Mark Bowie who gave a very interesting and informative presentation on Night Photography.  Mike talked about how he became interested in night photography and shared some of his images.  He is now working on a presentation about night photography in the Northeast which he will present this summer at the New England Camera Club Council in Amherst.  After showing and telling us about some of the very beautiful places he has photographed, Mark moved on to the technology of night photography.  Included in the equipment needed for night photography is a DSLR, a sturdy tripod, and a remote switch for the shutter.  Perhaps the most important topic that needs to be addressed in this type of photography is the determination of a proper exposure.  Focus is also an issue when the light level is too low for most camera’s autofocus to work.

An optional field trip was attended by seven members on the following evening.  Although it was cold and at times windy, we enjoyed the opportunity to be coached by Mark and try out some of the information he provided at the meeting.

The next meeting is May 7, at 7 pm in the BCA space.  The speaker will be Dennis Rainville who will talk about focus stacking.  Images from the Photo Challenge, Night Photography, should be submitted by May 1.  Send up to three images as attachments to BCAphotosubmissions@yahoo.com, with a subject line of “Night Photography Photo Challenge”.  Please name your images using the standard Lastname_First initial_1(2,or 3)of3.jpg and put your best image as #1.  Please size your images so that the longest edge is 1500 pixels. We’ll try to view as many images as possible, but we’ll spend most of the time on the first round.

Thanks to Ben Thomas for his contribution about how to dress for extremely cold weather.  You can read about it at his G+page.

Send comments and corrections to rwbass5@comcast.net


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