BCA Course in Use of External Flash, May 18

The Bedford Center for the Arts Photo Group presents :

Flash for Digital Nature Photographers

Instructor : Michael Milicia

Date : Saturday, May 18

Time : 9 AM – 5 PM (Lunch break from Noon – 1 PM)

Location :
Bedford Center for the Arts

Ground floor of Old Town Hall

16 South Road

Bedford, MA

Flash is one of the most useful yet least understood tools available to the nature photographer.  The addition of a supplemental light source can dramatically increase your productivity by allowing you to get quality results in a much wider variety of light conditions.

In order to make effective use of flash, one must also understand how to expose for ambient light.  Therefore, we will begin with a brief but thorough review of ambient light exposure concepts and techniques.  Many of the concepts covered during this review will also be critical for learning how to to use flash effectively.

We will then continue with an introduction of the fundamentals and basic mechanics of flash operation.  Once we have the basics down, we will go on to cover :

Relationship between flash and ambient exposure

Front, rear, and high-speed sync

Flash as main, balanced, and fill light

Manual flash

Automatic/TTL flash

Flash Exposure Compensation

Flash metering

Flash Exposure Lock

Use of Better Beamer

Each concept and technique will be demonstrated by having participants conduct their own tests using their own equipment in the classroom.  Weather and time permitting, we will also move outdoors for some “in the field” testing and demonstrations.

The main goal of this class is to teach you what you need to know to make effective use of a hot shoe flash when shooting outdoors.  But, you will also gain a strong foundation of general flash knowledge which will serve you well if you choose to go on to learn more about multi-flash setups or indoor studio lighting.

Bring your digital SLR, external hot shoe flash, a small lens (e.g. 24-70 or 70-200), and all of the corresponding instruction manuals to class.

Tuition : $125 each (Lunch is not included)

A minimum of 4 students is needed to run the class, with a maximum of 8.

Prerequisites : Understanding the basic principles of photography such as aperture, shutter speed, and exposure compensation as well as basic knowledge of your camera.
Registration : Register by PayPal at BedfordArts.com or by sending your check to Rosemary Barnett, Treasurer, BCA, PO Box 404, Bedford, MA 01730.

For additional information or questions about the class, send email to Michael Milicia at mike@miliciaphoto.com.


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