March 2013 Meeting Notes

Twenty members and two guests attended our March 5 meeting chaired by Bill Davison.    Please take note of the following announcements:

  • Dennis Rainville volunteered  to fill a vacancy on the Steering Committee and will join us at the next  meeting, March 19.
  • We are trying to set up an introductory workshop in Lightroom that would take place on either May 4 or 11.  Get in touch with Bob Bass if you are interested.  Bob DiNatale will be the instructor.  More details will be available soon.
  • The April 2nd meeting program will be about Night Photography with guest Mark Bowie.  Mark will also lead an evening field session the following night, May 3.  For the field session, there is a cost of $30/person and a limit of 12 people who may attend.  If you are interested, please email Donna Griffiths at .
  • The June meeting will be a photo walk and will be pushed back a week to June 11.   Please mark your calendar accordingly.

Marv Goldschmitt, who chaired the first year+ of our meetings, was our speaker for the evening and gave us a “Book Report”.   Marv has been working with the new Book Module that appeared in Version 4 of Lightroom (you can find his slides under files>2013 files in the Yahoo Groups site ).  The first question is why should we be interested in making a book?  Well, Marv sees the printed  image as telling a story.  Pulling together a set of related images, he says, then tells “your story”.

Most of us would begin such a project with a great pause.  How do you manage this task?  Marv broke the task down into 3 phases: selecting the images, designing the layout, and printing.  One of the great thing about the Lightroom Book Module is that it combines all three of these into one.  If you already know how to use Lightroom (and you should before trying to use it to do a book!), then you can use the editing tools to prepare the images and then quickly import them into a book format using one of the available templates.  As you build the book, the printing cost is even available in the right hand column and can be seen changing as you make decisions about the various details you’ll choose.

To show us how easy it is to get started, Marv demonstrated the process from scratch by using a collection of images he has taken at Great Meadows Wildlife Refuge in Concord.  He then showed how he used choices available in the Book Module to edit the automatically produced draft as well as the photo editing tools to modify the images (e.g., cropping) as needed.

Marv has actually already produced and printed a book based on his work with the artists appearing at The Flying Monkey performance venue in Plymouth, NH.  He’s produced both paper back and hard cover and passed them around for our inspection.

Thanks, Marv, for showing us how this is done  Anyone else inspired to try a book?

The second half of the evening was the photo challenge, coordinated by Bob Bicknell and Mark Levinson.  The theme for this month was “monochrome” which means one color, but  a variant permitted could also include one additional color.  There were seven entrants with a total of 18 images.  In the future, we’ll look for a way to display these.  The next photo challenge will be at the May meeting,  Stay tuned for the announcement of the theme.

Notes by Bob Bass


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