Welcome Flyer

The following text with a BCA Logo will constitute a flyer that we will give to guests at our meetings:

Welcome Guest of the BCA Photo Group!

We are the BCA Photo Group of the Bedford Center for the Arts.  We are comprised of area residents ranging from novice to professional photographer, all who wish to share, mentor, and learn. We welcome new members and hope that you will feel free to ask any questions you may have.

Our group meets 10 times per year, on the first Tuesday of each month except in July and August.

The monthly meetings cover a variety of topics and mix of subject matters.  Some meetings feature a member speaking on a topic of their choice.  Other nights we bring in guest experts to speak on a wide range of photography topics, including night photography, HDR, and other topics of general interest.  We also have photo challenges and image critiques, and organize various photo walking tours with experts to help you grow and learn new techniques.  Each month we inform our members of the various shows, exhibits, and photo events in the region that are happening outside the BCA.  The group has participated in various public shows and exhibitions, demonstrating the varied photography talents we have as a photo group.

In the future, we are planning to offer weekend seminars on particular subjects taught by photography experts and offered to our members at a minimal fee for those who are interested in attending and learning new information.

We encourage you to check out our blog: https://bcaphotogroup.wordpress.com/.  There are notes from previous meetings that will give you a better idea of the type of programs that we have.  Also, please be sure that you join our Yahoo Group because this is the distribution list for announcements and a home for downloadable files, among other features.  To join the Yahoo Group, simply send an email to Bob Bass (rwbass5@comcast.net) indicating that you have attended a meeting and would like to be added to the list.  Finally, we also maintain a presence on Facebook, where you can become a ‘Fan’ and see some of the various photographers’ work of our members at http://on.fb.me/Yv94bF .

How to become a member of the BCA Photo Group

If you wish to join immediately and to become a member, please feel free to do so.  If you would care to continue as a guest, we invite you to attend up to three meetings and see if this is group is right for you.  Three months is the maximum duration for guests, after which time we ask that you join.

Dues are figured on a yearly period beginning on January 1st through December 31st, and are based on a rate of $50 for ten meetings a year.  For new members who join after the first of the year, the dues are prorated, based on the remainder of meetings for the calendar year.

Month Joined Mar April May June July – Sep Oct Nov Dec
Prorated Fee $40 $35 $30 $25 $20 $15 $10 $5

For questions or more information, please contact Bob Bass rwbass5@comcast.net.


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