February Meeting Notes

Bill Davison welcomed 19 members and 5 guests on February 5.  Kieth Patankar from Hunt Photo was present with two tables of merchandise for us to explore. Keith was available to answer questions and was helpful during the program to talk about the availability of products that were being discussed.  Thanks to Gary Hunt, Vice-president of Hunt Photo for his continued support and for helping to fund our guest speaker.

Bill provided an overview of gallery shows in the area (see the previous blog entry for details and links) and outlined upcoming programs and events.   In March, our own Marv Goldschmitt will talk about his experience using the Book Module of Lightroom to produce a photo book for a client.  We will then continue in our monthly meetings  to alternate between presentations from members of the Photo Group and external speakers.  Stay tuned for exciting news about April’s program.  Bob Bicknell and Mark Levinson will coordinate the Photo Challenge for the March meeting: Monochrome.

Our guest speaker was Hazel Meredith who presented an interesting program on a subject becoming increasingly popular among photographers:  High Dynamic Range or HDR.  Hazel explained that the purpose of HDR is “to capture the extremes of light that your camera cannot capture in one image (for example, when there are very bright highlights and/or deep shadows that you wish to have detail in). ”  Hazel’s presentation covered situations where HDR is appropriate and others where it is not; issues involved in capturing the images; procedures for post-processing, including several different software applications including Photomatrix, Nik HDR Efex Pro, Topaz, Photoshop Elements, and Lightroom.

A summary of the presentation is available at her website  under the Seminars, Classes, and Tutoring menu.

See you next month, March 5 at 7 p.m. at the BCA Space, 16 South Rd.  Meantime, don’t forget to work on your monochrome images for the Challenge, and, if possible, take the time to visit one or more of the shows in the Gallery List.


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