January 8 Meeting Notes

BCA Photo Group—Meeting Notes for January 8, 2013

Twenty-three members of the Photo Group were welcomed by Bill Davison at shortly after 7 pm for our January Meeting.  Bill reviewed some of the organizational issues discussed at the December meeting.  At that meeting, all present indicated support for the plan to establish annual dues of $50 per member beginning at the beginning of the calendar year.   The general consensus of the meeting is that new visitors are not expected to join right away, but if they do intend to attend, should begin paying dues, pro-rated, within a few months.   The Steering Committee will take this up at its next meeting and we will report back in February.

Bill announced that BCA and the Photo Group will offer a course taught by Michael Milicia, a nationally recognized nature photographer, entitled “Fundamentals of Digital Nature Photography”.  The course will meet for 5 Wednesdays beginning February 27 at the BCA Space where we hold our monthly meetings. The fee is $195.  If you are interested, please contact Mike at mike@miliciaphoto.com

February’s program will be on HDR presented by outside speaker Hazel Meredith.   For March, Marv Goldschmitt will return as speaker to talk about developing a photobook.

Bill presented this month’s gallery listing (see previous blog entry).  Bill explained that the listing is based on several comprehensive resources he subscribes to.  These include Art New England (http://artnewengland.com ), Artscope (http://www.artscopemagazine.com/asdyn/index.wr), and the Photographic Resource Center at BU (http://www.bu.edu/prc/exhibit/exhibit2012_spaceinbetween.htm) as well as local shows.  A new show is opening at the Bedford Public Library on January 9th, “Other People’s Clothes” by Caleb Cole.

The first part of the program was presented by Bianca Bauer, who used slides and some of her tools to explain how she captured as series of images she calls “Freezing Water”.  Bianca used supplies readily available from toy and hardware stores to set up a tower with auxiliary lighting allowing her to drop colored liquids into another colored liquid in a bowl in front of her camera.  The results are images that show the fluids physically reacting with each other just above the surface of the receiving liquid.  The photo at the top of the blog is one of the images that she shared with us.  Here is another.

The second part of the program was the sharing of the images for January’s Photo Challenge: Holidays.  Bob Bicknell coordinated the collection of images and set up the slide how; Mark Levinson led a discussion of the images preceded by some reminders of how to look at a picture and evaluate it based on: what the picture is about; how effective it is in communicating the subject; and how does it relate to the history of art.  Members had been asked to submit up to 3 images.  A total of 20 images were submitted.  Subjects included abstracts, holiday decorations, architecture, and people.  Two very well-received photos contrasted holiday decorations with the flag flying at half-mast on a snowy, somewhat windy evening.  There was considerable constructive discussion about the images; we could have spent more time had it been available.

Congratulations to all who participated.  Next challenge will be in March, topic to be announced.

Next meeting is February 5, Hazel Meredith speaking on High Dynamic Range (HDR).


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