December 4 Meeting Notes

BCA Photo Group—Meeting Notes for December 4, 2012

Twenty-Four members of the Photo Group were welcomed by Bill Davison at just after 7 pm for our December meeting.  The first part of the meeting was an informal sharing of printed images.  Upon arriving, each member pinned his or her print to the viewing area around the side of the rooms.   We began by having member briefly introduce themselves, say a few words about their image and answer questions posed by the audience.  During this time we also enjoyed a variety of refreshments brought in by the members.

The second part of the meeting was a report from the Steering Committee.  Bill briefly summarized a history of the group which had its beginnings two years ago and has morphed into what now has become a fairly regular group of at least 20 serious photo enthusiasts who meet monthly on the first Tuesday.  Two important developments have taken place over this time with regard to the organizational structure of the Photo Group:
A steering committee has emerged from what began as a program committee.  Members of the steering committee has assumed certain responsibilities:

  • Bill Davison – Co-Director; Chairing monthly and Steering Committee meetings; producing a monthly listing of gallery events in the Boston area; working with BCA in the development of a Critique Group which would cover all of the arts; member of the BCA Board
  • Bob Bass—Co-Director; Program Committee; Blog editor and recorder of meeting notes; meeting set up; member of the BCA Board
  • Donna Griffiths—Program Committee; Treasurer
  • Bob Bicknell—Photo Challenge w/ Mark Levinson
  • Bianca Bauer—Special Projects
  • John Sullivan

A dues structure, proposed by the Steering Committee and approved by the BCA Directors was approved by the membership.  Major factors of the dues structure are:

  • Dues for BCA and BCAPG are separate and unlinked
  • Photo Group dues are $50 per individual annual dues, payable in January and prorated for new members throughout the year
  • New members will have several months before dues would be due.  The Steering Committee will clarify this before the next meeting.
  • $15 of each member’s dues will go to BCA to cover expenses such as meeting space and work of BCA Treasurer.
  • Checks should be made payable to Bedford Center for the Arts and sent or given to Donna Griffiths. Donna will be our liaison to the BCA Treasurer.
  • All members will be asked to sign in at each meeting; new members will be given an information sheet with an explanation of dues

Other organizational guidelines by the Steering Committee and accepted by the membership:

  • Ten monthly meetings will be held.  No meetings will occur in July and August
  • In addition to the monthly meetings, the Photo Group expects to offer classes, field trips, and other events using the BCA spaced if not otherwise occupied
  • Additional funds needed for special events will be raised an event by event basis: “pass the can”

The next meeting will be held January 8, 7-9 pm.  The program will include a presentations by Bianca Bauer, who will show us some of her images and talk about the technical details of how she captured them.  The second part of the meeting will be a presentation by Mark Levinson regarding critique of images and then the images submitted for the January Photo Challenge (“Holidays”) coordinated by Bob Bicknell.  Directions for submitting images will be sent out early next year.

Gallery Listings for December:



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