November, 2012 — Black and White Landscapes


November 6, 2012

Meeting Notes

A record number of 35 photographers from Bedford and surrounding towns were welcomed at 7 pm at the BCA space in Old Town Hall by Bob Bass.  Bob began the meeting by asking people to introduce themselves and to say where they are from and how long they’ve been attending our group.  We had 11 new visitors and hope they will return next month.

Please note that the meeting on December 4 will take place as usual at the BCA Space in Old Town Hall (16 South Road).  The assignment for the December meeting is to bring one unframed, unmatted print of a picture you haven’t used at our group so far.  We’ll post them around the room and provide time for people to wander around and talk with one another over light refreshments.  We ‘ll then reconvene as a group for a more formal discussion.

The business portion of the December meeting will be a report from the steering committee and discussion of plans for next year.  Included in this discussion will be ideas for upcoming programs and activities.  Also, we need to make some decisions about how we as a group will meet expenses involved in using the BCA space and arranging for programs.  This is an important meeting in our evolution to becoming a sustainable entity, and important for all members to attend.

Our program was a presentation by Don Toothaker and Bob Ring of New England Workshops. We thank Hunt Photo for partially underwriting this show.  New England Workshops puts on approximately 20 events (workshops, classes, presentations) per year.  Bob reviewed some of the localities where workshops have occurred and shared some great images taken there.  The main theme of the presentation, however, was black and white photography.  Bob dealt with the issues of when b&w may be more desirable or not desirable and also some of the technical details of using Lightroom to convert the color capture (always) to black and white.  Don spoke about the emotional aspects involved in approaching photography.  In so doing, he spoke of the need to “convert your vision” as you plan your outings.  In a similar vein, he emphasized other attitudinal issues including:
Narrow your focus
Photograph what you feel
Identify what works for you

The presentation closed with a slideshow of their landscapes.

A main point that the presentation left with most of us is that black and white photography should be a major consideration as we plan and review our outings.  Lightroom, Photoshop, and the many plug-ins available to work with then offer very convenient  ways of converting and optimizing images in black and white.  Perhaps we’ll see more black and white images as we share in future meetings?


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