October 2, 2012 Meeting Notes

Date: October 2, 2012

Note:  Our next meeting is November 6.  Guest Speakers, Don Toothaker and Bob Ring from New England Photo Workshops

Fourteen members of the Group were welcomed by meeting chair Bill Davison at shortly after 7 at the BCA meeting space at Old Town Hall.

Our guest for the evening was Jason Musselman, no stranger to our Photo Group.  Last April, Jason made a presentation to us about work that he and his girlfriend, Becca Ladders, had done in South Africa with impoverished orphan and/or HIV+ youth there, using photography to help tell their own stories about their lives.  At this presentation, Jason told us about work that he and Becca and others associated with their organization, “Our Journey for Hope”, completed this past summer in the village of Flores, Hondoras.  In this two-month project, they worked with 250 children whose ages ranged from 6 to 18 years.  Many children had never seen a camera before and had no idea how to use one.  Working with the children in their native language, Jason and Becca used classes and demonstration to teach them the fundamentals of using the cameras and then turned them loose to take pictures of each other, their families, homes, farm animals, and practically all aspects of their environment.  At the end of the project, the images were screened, sorted, and printed so that each child received some of their own images.  In addition selections of the pictures were compiled that will be used for exhibits in the United States.  Pictures will be for sale so that the proceeds and other donations that Jason and Becca can gather will be sent back to Hondoras to be used in projects to improve the schools and communities where they worked.  Our Journey for Hope is affiliated with Esperanza.   More information about their project and the work of Esperanza is available at esperanzahftc.com/tag/jason-musselman/ .

Thanks to Donna Griffiths for coordinating our first photo challenge.  The theme was simply “Red” and we had a great variety of images submitted by nine group members. The consensus of the group was that we should do this again, so you’ll be hearing about another challenge sometime near the end of the calendar year.

Our show “Water in All Its Forms” was hung on the 1st by a team consisting of Bill Davison, Bianca Bauer, Bob Bass, Marv Goldschmitt, Betty & Sy Levine, and Michele Smith.  The reception is October 3.  A major benefit of doing the show beyond the obvious opportunity to tell the community about our Group and to publicize BCA is that the whole process was documented and will be saved online to facilitate future shows that we might want to put on.  Special thanks to the Show Committee of Bill Davison, Marv Goldschmitt, Sing Hanson, Julie Turner, Mark Levinson, and Donna Griffiths.  Marv Goldschmitt will also help us look into the possibility of producing a book including the images of the show.

Submitted by Bob Bass


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