June 5, 2012- Organizational change, Planning for Upcoming Show, Avian Photography Part II

Sixteen members of the group were welcomed by meeting chair Bill Davison at shortly after 7 at the BCA meeting space at Old Town Hall.
Bob Bass reported for the newly formed Program Committee (also including Bob Bicknell,  Bill Davison, Donna Griffiths, and John Sullivan).  The committee has met and discussed a meeting structure that will continue with a presentation about a technical issue of broad interest or a members’ portfolio or one based on the Group’s activities.  New activities being considered include field trips, gallery visits, photography challenge themes, and activities of new sub- or specialty groups that may be formed.  The committee will meet again in June and report again at the July meeting.  Any member interested in participating in the discussion should contact Bob (rwbass5@comcast.net) or one of the other members.

Bill Davison reported from the Show Committee planning for the October show at the Cary Memorial Library in Lexington (see slides at Yahoo Groups—look for DraftLexCaryShow0612.pdf).  The show will be in the large room on the lower level, running October 1-31.  Other details:

  • Limit 3 submissions per individual
  • No awards or “Best in Show”
  • Total pieces 25-40 (TBD)
  • Maximum frame size=35” on long dimensions
  • Suggested mat of at least 3” on all sides
  • Suggested source of materials www.framedestination.com (possibility of group order)
  • Wire hangers required
  • Deadline and other details will be presented at the July 10th meeting.

The possibility of an on-line virtual show was mentioned (Adam Woodbury?)

The second half of the meeting was a presentation by Mike Milicia of his avian photography.  Although most of the Group is well familiar with Mike’s amazing photography, tonight’s presentation gave Mike an opportunity to just present different shots, tell the stories behind them, and answer many questions.  Thank you, Mike for yet another fantastic program.


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