July 10, 2012-Preparing images for upcoming show

Seventeen members of the group were welcomed by meeting chair Bill Davison at shortly after 7 at the BCA meeting space at Old Town Hall.
Bob Bass reported for the Program Committee.  Gallery news included mention of the Griffin Museum’s Annual Juried Show to open July 19.  The exhibits at the Peabody Essex Museum (Ansel Adams, Jerry Uelsmann, and Barbara Bosworth) continue, as does the Annie Leibovitz show at the Concord museum.  A field trip to Boston’s Fan Pier organized by John Sullivan is planned for July 18, weather permitting (this trip was cancelled).  Mention was also made of plans to have Photo Challenges beginning in the fall.  Currently, discussions are ongoing with Hunt Photo about upcoming guest speakers.

The remainder of the program dealt with directions for the preparation and submission of images for the October show (“Water in all its forms”) at the Cary Memorial Library in Lexington.

Bill reviewed criteria for submitting photos for the October show.  This information is also posted on the Yahoo Groups in the Files menu (www.tinyurl.com/BCAPhotographyGroup).  (Updated details will be provided by Yahoo Groups email and at the August meeting.)

Bob Bicknell presented directions for preparing images for submission using Photoshop. Slides of Bill’s directions will be posted on the Yahoo Groups page.  Here is a summary of the steps:

  1. With the image loaded in Photoshop, at Menu: Image>Image Size, make these settings:
  2. In the pixels box, set the long side to 1200 pixels
  3. In the document size box, set resolution to 300 pixels
  4. Click OK
  5. At Edit, choose Convert to Profile, then select sRGB for profile, and click OK.
  6. At Image>Mode, choose 8 bits
  7. Then save as with the following settings:
  8.  Jpeg
  9. rename according to directions provided by Donna Griffiths and Bill Davison
  10. set maximum quality when asked during Jpeg save

Donna discussed the directions for filling out the submission form.  (This form was sent to the membership via Yahoo Groups in early August)

At the August 7th meeting, Bill will provide information about printing of images and Bob Bicknell will talk about framing.

Meeting notes by Bob Bass


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