August 7, 2012–Printing and Framing

Note:  Our next meeting is September 11, not the 4th.

Twelve members of the group were welcomed by meeting chair Bill Davison at shortly after 7 at the BCA meeting space at Old Town Hall.

Bob Bass reported for the Program Committee.  Gallery Watch included mention of the Griffin Museum’s three current exhibits: the Annual Juried Show; “The Quiet Photographs” by Alysia Macaulay; and the Joan Johnson Scholarship Exhibit of local high school students.  Exhibits at the Peabody Essex Museum (Ansel Adams and Barbara Bosworth) and the Annie Leibovitz show, “Pilgrimage” at the Concord museum.  Members’ exhibits include Bob Bicknell’s at the Nashoba Brook Bakery in West Concord, Mike Milicia’s at Sun Up Gallery in Westerly, R.I., and “The Color Beneath” featuring works of Sing Hanson, Lee Marcus, and Jerry Wedge at Gallery 7 in Maynard.  A reception will be held at Gallery 7 on September 8 from 7-9.

The remainder of the program dealt our upcoming show, “Water in all its Forms” at the Cary Memorial Library in Lexington in October.  Bob Bicknell with the assistance of Bill, led us through steps for printing images and ideas and resources for framing.  Other members contributed to the discussion and questions were entertained. 
Printings:  In general, most members are using Lightroom or Photoshop/Elements to print.  Bob’s presentation started with the settings on the Photoshop Print menu and those of the printer driver that initiate the actual printing.   In addition to these step-by-step instructions, several important points were made in the discussion:
Make sure that Photoshop or Lightroom is managing color handling, not the printer (turn off color settings in the printer driver dialog window)
Sharpen the image after resizing
The setting for Rendering Intent is an issue only if you have out of gamut pixels.  Most people present use Relative Colormetric
Recommended to use matte paper for tests because it’s cheaper
After printing, cover the print with plain printer paper for a night.  The paper will be wrinkly (if very wrinkly, repeat for another night).  This will help prevent the ghost of the image transferring to the glass when framed.
For resolution, use native value, i.e., 360 for Epson printers
Remember to evaluate your printed image under good viewing conditions
Sign with pencil, not pen; some recommend a light gray pen.

Framing:  There are many different approaches to framing.  Bill and Bob each offered there approach based on using the materials from different online suppliers.

A summary of resources and URLs:

This site provides frames, mats, mount board, glass (no larger than 20”x24”), and acrylic.  They sell both Neilsen and their own frames ready made, or you can use an interface they provide to build your own frame, including custom mat sizes.  They also sell accessories including Clear Bags (see Clear and Gallery Pouches.  The complete frame is shipped assembled, so that all you need do is put in your photograph and put in the backing and springs.  For information about their products, see  . (Bill Davison has used them, so he would be a good resource for more information).

This site also provides a variety of frame types, mats, and mount boards.  They offer acrylic glazing only, no glass.  You can buy frames from them that you put together, and like FrameDestination, you can also order a ready made frame to fit your art size.  (Bob Bicknell has used them, so he would be a good resource for more information.)

Bob also recommends

If, like Bob, you order just frames from American Frame, you may want to order your mats from RediMat.  Apparently, they also sell frames and other framing accessories.

Other resources mentioned:

Local Supplier of frames—Many possibilities here, but Michael’s was mentioned as a source that often has sales

Glazing—Bob Bicknell has had good luck with Moison’s/Ace Hardward in Groton.  There is also a Moison’s in Bedford at the Plaza where Stop ‘N Shop is located, and a cashier there indicated that they would also cut glass to size for framing.  This person suggested that you check with them a week before you need to get the glass to be sure that they have what you need in stock.

For our September 11th meeting, Nick Johnson, juror of our October show will talk about the show and the images submitted.

Meeting notes by Bob Bass


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