November 2, 2011

Nineteen members of the group attended the meeting and were welcomed by Marv Goldschmitt who chaired the meeting. New folks attending included: Janie Weinberg, Betty Trakimas, Greg Trakimas, and Peggy Albrecht.  Welcome!

Marv announced that we have applied for a month-long show slot in the Cary Memorial Library in Lexington.  As examples of our work, the application included images from our “Dusk to Dawn” show at the Bedford Public Library, but we would have the opportunity to change the theme and hang new images.  We would have to arrange for our works to be juried in order to pick out the images that would actually be hung.  Stay tuned for more information.
Images that were in the Bedford show must be picked up either on November 13th after noon or on the 14th from 3-5 or 7-9.

The Bedford Community Art Show is another opportunity to submit your work as a candidate for being shown.  Finished works, ready to be hung (must have wire in back), have to be dropped off at the library on Saturday, Nov. 12, 3-5 pm, or Sunday, Nov. 13, 1-3 pm.  Details are available on at .

The next meeting of the group will be held on December 6 at Carlton SooHoo’s studio at 250 the Great Road, 7- 9:30 pm.  The topic will be “Practical Approach to Studio Photography”.  This will be hands on, so be sure to bring your camera.

The program for the evening was a group critique of member-submitted images moderated by Mark Levinson.  In introducing the exercise, Mark asked us to refrain from the usual “That’s a great picture” or “I like that” and instead to talk about what the picture is conveying and how the graphical elements and their arrangement give rise to the effect that the image has upon us.  For more information about this approach to critiquing images, see the file “Critiques and Composition” under the file menu on the BCA Photography Yahoo Groups Page

Submitted by Bob Bass (


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