December 6, 2011

Eighteen members of the group attended the meeting held at Carlton SooHoo’s studio and were welcomed by Marv Goldschmitt who chaired the meeting. New member Biana Bauer was welcomed.

Marv noted that this meeting marked the completion of a full year for the BCA Photography Group, our first meeting taking place last January.

Good news!  Our application to host a gallery in the Lexington Cary library was accepted.  We have the meeting room there for the month of October and now we need to decide upon a theme.  It will be up to us to decide how jury the show and that will be an important item on the agenda for January.
Another decision that needs to be made concerns topics for upcoming meetings.  We discussed a number of ideas including occasional meetings where we revisit a few of the topics that have been previously discussed.  Since we have new members and since few of us have perfect retention, members felt that this was an approach worth trying.  The January meeting will take this approach with Michael Milicia talking about RAW [what were the other topics?]

A new committee was formed to discuss other possible approaches for upcoming meetings and other activities.  Members are Marv, Bob Bass, Bob Bicknell, Bianca Bauer, and Janie Weinberg.  This group will conference and report back at the next meeting.

The program for the evening was “Studio Photography Made Practical” by Carlton SooHoo.  Carlton discussed quality of light and variables that affect it. He shows us the equipment he uses in his studio explaining setups used for three different types of light:  softest with softbox; shooting through umbrella/scrim for intermediate; and beauty dish for medium hardness.  We all had the opportunity to use his wireless trigger with our cameras in at least two settings using each other as models.  A handout outlining Carlton’s studio workflow can be found in the files section of the Yahoo Groups site.

The next meeting of the group will be held on January  3rd the BCA space in Old Town Hall.

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