September 6, 2011

Twelve members of the group attended the meeting and were welcomed at 7:10 pm. by Marv Goldschmitt who chaired the meeting.

Marv reported that he has had very good feedback from Jean Hammond about the entries in the upcoming library show to be composed of pictures from the BCA Photography Group.  The theme of the show is “From Dusk to Dawn”.  The show opens Tuesday, September 13.  An artists’ reception will be held at the library from 5-6 p.m. on October 2.

The next meeting of the group will be held on October 4 at Carlton SooHoo’s studio upstairs at 250 the Great Road.  Please bring along a folding chair if you can.  The topic will be 360 degrees panoramic photography.  For more information see Carlton’s website at

Mike Milicia will be teaching his class, “Fundamentals of Digital Nature Photography” Saturday and Sunday, October 22 &23 in Billerica.  Register online at Contact Mike at for more information.

Marv has made contact with members of the Lynn Photography Group and will be visiting with them at an upcoming meeting.  This group has a gallery and meeting space of their own.

The program for the meeting entitled “Sharpness and Focus” was presented by Marv and Michael Baker.  The terms are often confused, but the distinction between them is important to understand:  Focus refers to the mechanical process of getting the camera and lens to pinpoint accuracy; Sharpness is more of a perceptual phenomenon, “how you see it”.  Of primary importance is the important temporal relationship necessary to produce a tack sharp image: Sharp output must start with focus.  Topics covered in the presentation included: difference between Single Shot and AI Servo; single point vs. multiple point AF setting; separating controls for focus and shutter (perhaps the most important practical lesson of the evening); horizontal, vertical, and cross-field settings; depth of field and hyperfocal distance; shutter speed and lens; effect of image stabilization on acceptable shutter speed; calibration of lens with the camera on which it is used.

Time did not allow the image review portion of the meeting, but we will make time for this at future meetings.  Please send your images for review to Michael Baker at and be sure to put “BCA Review” (without the quotes) in the subject line.

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