Organizational Meeting—Photography & Technology Interest Group

Date: November 2, 2010

Meeting site: Bedford Center for the Arts, Bedford Old Town Hall

Attending: Michael Baker, Bob Bass, Marv Goldschmitt, Betty & Sy Levine, Marc Levinson, Mike Milicia, Joan Ross, John Sullivan, Julie Turner, John Wiliszowski, Lorin Wilson.

The purpose of the meeting was to bring together individuals who have an interest and background in the more technological aspects of photography.  The group is being formed under the sponsorship of the Bedford Center for the Arts with Julie Turner as the primary liaison for BCA.  Marv Goldschmitt, Mike Milicia, and Bob Bass organized this initial meeting and Marv served as the leader for the first session.

Marv explained that the meeting was planned to bring together moderately advanced- advanced photographers who would be interested in meeting periodically (frequency to be determined) to share information, collaborate on projects, and to communicate in ways that would be beneficial to the individuals’ pursuit of their goals in photography.

Individuals present introduced themselves and talked about their backgrounds in photography and areas of interest.  Everyone in attendance has had at least several years experience in photography and most are at an advanced level, including at least half who are professional photographers.  It was clear that there is a diversity of experience, knowledge, and philosophical approaches to photography.

We discussed areas of interest.  Mike Milicia distributed a list of possible topics to give examples of topics which could be discussed in future meetings.  Discussion was wide-spread including equipment, post-processing software (e.g., Lightroom), and philosophical approach to photography.

Michael Baker suggested that the group consider how it could give something back to BCA.  Several possible projects were discussed including the development of a show with some theme relating to Bedford.  Julie indicated that having this group associated with BCA is exciting and will broaden BCA’s reach to the arts community.  She will continue to provide support for the group particularly in the area of communication, including the possibility of Constant Contact for announcements and meeting summaries.

We agreed that future meetings will include topics dealing within the broad areas of:

  • Philosophy of Photography (especially as this area intersects with technology)
  • Technology of Photography
  • Techniques in Photography

Marv proposed that the typical structure of a meeting might include (not necessarily in this order):

  • Presentation on a Topic
  • Brief mention of news in an area relating to technology
  • Discussion of problems encountered by group members
  • Discussion of images (either of from within the group or by others)

We agreed to meet monthly on the first Tuesday in the BCA space at Old Town Hall, beginning January 4, 2011.  A possible topic of workflow, using Lightroom and Aperture as a framework was suggested.  A planning committee of  Marv, Michael, Bob, and John Wiliszowski will confirm the meeting topic and generate an agenda.


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