May 3, 2011

Meeting site: BCA studio in Old Town Hall

Twenty members of the group attended the meeting and were welcomed at 7 pm. by Marv Goldschmitt.   

Some upcoming events of note:

May 18 – 10 a.m. – 12 noon–Gates Lighting workshop at Rule (“Lighting for the Small Screen”).  RSVP to

June 7, 7 p.m., Old Town Hall, BCA Photography Group, continuation of Bill Davison’s presentation on workflow.

July 12 (instead of July 5), 7 p.m., Old Town Hall, BCA Photography Group, topic TBA.

John Sullivan called members’ attention to a website that simulates a DSLR camera. The site allows the user to adjust settings such as ISO, shutter speed, and aperture and see the effect on the image.  Try it out at

Jean Hammond and Astrid Reischweitz from the Bedford Library Arts Steering Committee provided details on the opportunity for members of the BCA Photography Group to exhibit their work in a show at the Bedford Public Library entitled “From Dusk to Dawn” to be held in September 13- November 8th that will feature images from BCA Photography Group members.

  • Anyone wishing to exhibit should send Jean one or two examples of their work (jpgs) at within the next couple of weeks.  Alternatively you may send the link to an online collection at sights such as Flickr or Smugmug.
  • For the show, you may submit up to 5 images by email (should be printable at least to 8×10) by August 9.   You may want to send them earlier if you want more time to have your image(s) printed and framed.
  • Images should have been captured within the past three years
  • Prints must be of professional quality, matted, and framed with wire for hanging.
  • On delivery of framed prints, submit form “Bedford Free Public Library Gallery Application to Exhibit” form.  This form will be made available at future meetings and on the BCA Photography Group Yahoo page.

Bill Davison presented the first installment of a well-received presentation on Basic Photo Workflow Strategy.  Bill described the iterative process he works through to make the best image possible.    His workflow is based on starting with a single image (not a composite); use of a 4×5 camera;  his conception of the camera, Photoshop, and printer (Epson 3880) as a single tool; with the desired outcome to be a print.  Bill uses Bridge to open the image in PS and then does all of the editing there.  The images were first imported from camera on film and scanned under oil.

The steps in order outlined by Bill were as follows:

  1. Capture
  2. Analysis
  3. Global Corrections
  4. Local Corrections
  5. Restore and retouch
  6. Sizing
  7. Cropping
  8. Sharpening
  9. Output to Print
  10. Curing/Finishing
  11. Mount/Matte/Frame

Bill worked through Local Corrections and illustrated the stages of his work with prints.  He will continue the presentation at the next meeting.

Some interesting quotes:

“A photography is to reality as a 5-page short story is to a 500 page novel”
“A successful photograph is a simulation and an illusion”
“A compelling illusion of 3-dimensionality is achieved by manipulating contrast”
“Contrast is achieved in a photograph by manipulating the tonal scale”

Mark Levinson’s presentation in the Critiques section of the meeting took a different approach from the usual concentration on critiquing specific images.  Mark’s presentation was an analysis of what is involved is describing a work of art.  He then presented slides of several images and had the group analyze the works of art asking questions such as:

1) What is this image about?
2) What does the image say?
3) What are the elements in the image?
4) What are the visual centers of interest?
5) Is this a strong or weak image?

Mark has generously shared his slides and they are available in the files section of the BCA Photography Group Yahoo pages (if you are not a member of the Yahoo Groups and want to be, send an email to Bob Bass at

The next meeting is June 7, 7 p.m. at Old Town Hall, a continuation of Bill Davison’s workflow presentation.


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