March 1, 2011

Meeting site: Bedford Center for the Arts, Bedford Old Town Hall

Marv Goldschmitt welcomed new attendees Bob Batt and Doris Smith.  A total of 19 people attended the meeting which began promptly at 7 p.m.

Co-Directors, Sing Hanson and Julie Turner provided a brief overview of the goals of the BCA and indicated how pleased they were with the Photography Group becoming a part of BCA.  For the past 11 years, BCA has been an organization that has been providing opportunities for artists and for those who want to learn more about art.  BCA has been bringing art to the community through concerts, shows, and other events and with its studios and meeting facility in the old Town Hall.  Marv urged Photography Group members to join the BCA and membership forms were distributed. Annual membership starts at $25 for Individuals.  More information about BCA is available at

Mike Milicia provided the technical presentation with a concise and detailed explanation of the events that must occur to produce an image file from the time the shutter is activated to the output of the image file.  Topics covered included sensor technology, in-camera jpeg processing, raw format, and raw processing.  Mike’s presentation helped us understand why shooting in raw allows much more latitude to the artist in post-processing than would exist if a jpeg were produced by the camera.  Other than shutter speed, f / stop and ISO, most of the other parameters such as white balance, exposure, highlight and shadow can be adjusted in post-processing programs such as Lightroom and Photoshop.  We also discussed the fact that taking a picture always involves some processing.   If we choose to save images as jpegs, then the camera’s settings at the time of the shot govern the processing in the camera, and only minor changes can be made in post-processing.  Shooting in raw postpones much of processing until we’re working in the computer and where it’s possible to make changes as long as desired.  Also, raw file post-processing is non-destructive in that the original settings are always available.  By definition, jpegs are compressed upon capture and repeated processing will result in a continued loss of information.  Questions about many related areas were welcomed and elicited discussion from many in the group.

John Sullivan provided the image critique part of the meeting with display of works by two photographers.  Gary Hart ( is a photographer from California who has photographed its natural beauty for over 30 years.  He is a frequent contributor to Sierra Heritage magazine and his images are displayed in galleries and private collections throughout the world.  John showed us a series of images taken at Yosemite, including several of the falls.  Since several of the group members were familiar with the location where the pictures were taken, there was much discussion.  The second photographer presented was Kevin May, a commercial/industrial photographer whose pictures come from sites all over the world.  Kevin’s pictures often have interesting angles on the subject and may include areas of the image that are out of focus.  His images can be found at and at his blog at .

Joe Gallagher and Monika Cziria volunteered to join the committee evaluating social networking applications for use by the Group.  Currently, Facebook (BCA Photography Group) and Yahoo Groups are being evaluated.

The next meeting will be April 5, 7 p.m. at LensProToGo in West Concord and will feature owner Paul Friedman showing us his facility (both studio and lens rental areas) and discussion.  Directions to get to the store can be found online at .


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