June 7, 2011

Meeting site: BCA studio in Old Town Hall

Sixteen members of the group attended the meeting and were welcomed at 7 pm. by Bob Bass.  Marv Goldschmitt joined the group later to lead a discussion about planning for the future.

Jean Hammond reported that she has received images from a number of group members, including some night settings.  She indicated that the quality so far has been fine and encourages more of us to submit images.  See last month’s meeting notes for the details on submission and relevant dates.

Julie Turner asked members to consider donating unused point & shoot cameras to Jason Musselman for a project that will provide them to people in Cape Town, South Africa, for people who have aids.  Julie has posted in Yahoo Groups and Facebook about this project. For more information, see http://ourjourneyforhope.tumblr.com.

Bill Davison continued his presentation on Basic Photo Workflow Strategy.   After a discussion of how to deal with unwanted casts, Bill concentrated on local adjustments.  Essential to this phase of his workflow is the use of layer masks and the use of color range and other selection tools.  These are used in conjunction with painting with the brush tool and opacity modifications.  Other topics that Bill covered included conversion to black and white and sharpening.  With regard to the latter, Bill provided a clear explanation of the development of the “unsharp mask” that eventually led to the tool in Photoshop by the same name.  Bill concluded his presentation with a list of several resources.  Bill will be providing us his slides and they will be available through Yahoo Groups (again, email Bob Bass at rwbass5@comcast.net if you need help getting on).

The second half of the meeting was a discussion led by Marv Goldschmitt about how the members would like to see the BCA Photography Group function in the future.  Strong support was voiced for sharing images at meetings.  A subgroup was established to work out a procedure for accomplishing this and members will be Michael Baker, Betty Levine, Mark Levinson, and Adam Woodbury.  Interest was also expressed in having some photoshoot field trips, including possibly an evening outing to help members in preparation for the library show in September.

Next meeting will be July 12 (instead of July 5), 7 p.m., Old Town Hall, BCA Photography Group, topic will be presentation by Bob Barrett on Gimp, a software application that Bob prefers to Photoshop.  At this meeting we will also hear from the subcommittee regarding image sharing.


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