July 12, 2011

Meeting site: BCA studio in Old Town Hall

Sixteen members of the group attended the meeting and were welcomed at 7 pm. by Marv Goldschmitt who chaired the meeting.

The first agenda item was a report by Jean Hammond regarding the “From Dusk to Dawn” show at the Library.  Members who have submitted preliminary images may submit up to four images to charlottes.studio@yahoo.com by 8/16 to be considered for selection.  Reviews of the images (and notification of the accepted artists) will take place on August 19.  No more than two images per person will be selected.  Important points to remember:

Indicate what frame size you plan to use (outside dimensions)
Indicate image dimensions

For images selected for the show:

  • Frames must be ready to hang; must have wires in place
  • Submit title of image, name of artist, and price if for sale.  The library committee will take care of putting this information on labels;
  • All sales must be handled privately between buyer and artist
  • Drop off at the library will be September 12 afternoon and evening or the morning of the 13th after 9:30
  • Include a couple of sentences about the work or your philosophy
  • Reception will most likely be October 2nd.

Jean also indicated that there would be another opportunity to submit images (framed work) for an open call in November.  Details forthcoming.  (And don’t forget Bedford Day show by the Arts and Crafts Society on September 17th).

Michael Milicia reported that he has recently been asked by world-renowned wildlife photographer, Chas Glatzer, to join the instructional staff of his Shoot the Light series of workshops.  Marv asked Mike to describe the career path that has led to this “dream” assignment.  Mike related his decision as a software engineer to switch to photography after he was one of many laid off by his company several years back.  Mike took several workshops and became engrossed in learning how to do bird photography and getting the proper equipment.  He’s worked hard to build a great reputation with his outstanding collection of pictures of a wide variety of North American birds.  He won a number of prestigious awards and developed important professional connections with leading wildlife photographers.  He’ll be teaching his first course for Shoot the Light entitled “Fundamentals of Digital Nature Photography” on August 13th or 14th  in Billerica.  Contact Mike at Mike@MiliciaPhoto.com for more information.

The main presentation of the evening was by Bob Barrett on using GIMP, a free, open-source digital imagine editing system.  Bob took us through the interface and the tools available in GIMP.  He illustrated that most of the functionality in PhotoShop is available in GIMP and indicated that it has become his preference for the past several years.  Bob illustrated how he selectively decreased saturation in the background of images to accent the foreground subjects.  He showed us several images that used posterization to produce  a unique way of capturing a variety of scenes.  Bob entertained questions and will be happy to talk to you if you have other questions for him.

Carlton SooHoo announced that he has a new studio at 200 Great Road and that he would like to set up a co-op to share that space.  Contact him at carltonsoohoo@gmail.com for more information.

Michael Baker gave a report from the committee that has been formulating a plan for a section of our meetings in which members can show images for critique or advice.  The next meeting will be devoted to this activity in conjunction with the upcoming library show.  Those wishing to have images reviewed at the meeting should submit them to him about a week before the meeting.  He requested that they be jpgs sized to 2000 pixels for the longest size.  More information will be forthcoming.

Following this was a discussion of some of the things members should keep in mind about low-light photography and about framing.

The next meeting will be at 7 p.m., August 2 at the Old Town Building.

Submitted by Bob Bass (rwbass5@comcast.net)


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