January 4, 2011

Meeting site: Bedford Center for the Arts, Bedford Old Town Hall

Attending: Michael Baker, Bob Bass, Monika Czira Granneman, Bob Collara, Bill Davison, Joe Gallagher, Marv Goldschmitt, Signe Hanson,  Diane King, Betty & Sy Levine, Marc Levinson, Mike Milicia, Carleton Soohoo, John Sullivan, Paula Torti, Julie Turner, Linda Walk, John Wiliszowski
This was the second meeting of the group which held its organizational meeting November 2, 2010.  Julie Turner, Co-chair of the BCA welcomed approximately 20 individuals and expressed enthusiasm on the part of BCA for the formation of the new group.  Marv Goldschmidt chaired the meeting and explained that the group was formed as the result of the enthusiasm shown by attendees of one of BCA’s programs on photography that almost turned into a discussion of photography technology.  He emphasized, however, that the organizers of this group were all motivated to discuss technology as a way of learning from each other with the ultimate goal being to make better images.  Marv explained that the agenda for the evening was an experiment and would be evaluated at the end of the program in order to plan the next meeting.

After each member of the group gave an introduction, two presentations were made:

The first was by Michael Baker, a professional photographer with Mitre.  Michael’s presentation covered the broad topic of workflow including the definition, rationale, and great changes that digital photography brought about.  He discussed the various components of workflow and provided examples of different software that provide the guide and tools for the “spine” of the process.  His slides are attached. [Can we do this?]

John Wiliszowski, an experienced photographer with professional backgrounds in higher education and publishing, shifted the focus from the technology to the art of photography.  To do this, John showed us the web site Photography-Now (http://www.photography-now.net/international_photography_index/) and led us to the work of Yousuf Karsh.  After a brief biographical description of the artist, John had us focus on Karsh’s portrait of Pablo Casals.  The discussion focused on what the group members liked about the image and their thoughts about Karsh’s work in general.

The last portion of the meeting was a discussion about how we should proceed in the future.  One area that the group focused on was how we can share information online.  A committee headed by John Sullivan will include Joe Gallagher, Marv Goldschmidt, and Bob Bass was formed to discuss possibilities and report back to the group at the next meeting.  Michael Baker volunteered to make the opening presentation on LightRoom as a more specific example of workflow and how one software application offers tools for it.

Members were asked to submit bios of 100 words or less to Bob Bass (rwbass5@comcast.net) and a handout with suggestions of information to include was distributed.

We agreed that meetings would continue on the first Tuesday of each month, so that the next meeting is February 1.


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