February 8, 2011

Meeting site: Bedford Center for the Arts, Bedford Old Town Hall

Marv Goldschmitt welcomed new attendees Kenneth Vieira, Adam Woodbury, and Carol Reynolds.  A total of 17 signed in for the meeting.

Michael Baker continued a presentation he began last time on workflow.  The specific topic for the meeting was Lightroom as an example of software that guides the user through a workflow and provides tools for optimizing the image.  Lightroom provides a non-destructive approach making use of Adobe Camera Raw as well as other tools that provide a means of editing the image while leaving the RAW file intact.  Michael illustrated workflow using three of the modules: Library, Develop, and Web.  In the Library module, Michael demonstrated the import from a CompactFlash card, showing how Lightroom copies the images into a chosen folder and enters them into Lightroom’s file management system at the same time.  Once in Lightroom, the images can be grouped into any number of collections based on the user’s choice of criteria.  Where Lightroom shines is that the image can “live” in many different collections that can be instantly called up, without requiring any duplication of the actual image file.  Michael also demonstrated the rating systems that provide different ways of classifying the images based on the user’s designation of the quality of the image or of its subject category.  Using ratings, keywords, and other metadata provide the potential for using a versatile filtering component to further select images.  In the Develop module, Michael demonstrated the Camera Raw sliders and the cropping tool. He also noted that Lightroom has a lens correction utility that allows the software to identify the lens and camera and to make corrections for any distortion that the lens made.  The Web module allows one to take selected images and to import them into a web page using a number of different formats.  A short question, answer, and discussion period followed.

John Wiliszowski once again provided the group an opportunity to learn about a great photographer and to discuss one of the artist’s works.  The photographer was Lucien Aigner (1902-1999) and the photograph was entitled “Paris Protects its Inhabitants from Gas Attacks” (1934). Aigner was a photojournalist.  Because he presented text with his photos, they were known as “photo stories”.  John gave us a brief biographical sketch of Aigner and then invited the group to comment on the photograph (see http://www.decordova.org/art/exhibition/lucien-aigner-photostory ).  Discussion included the emotional impact of the image, the arrangement of the subjects, and discussion of the “Rule of Thirds” and the “Golden Spiral Tool” which can be superimposed over the image using the cropping tool in Lightroom.  There is currently an exhibit of Aigner’s work at the DeCordava until April 24.  Guest Curator, Jennifer Uhrhane will make a presentation on Saturday, February 26, at 3 pm.

The final segment of the meeting was a demonstration of the Bedford Photography Group’s Facebook page by its creator, John Sullivan.  John demonstrated how single images and albums can be posted by any member.  Members need to sign on and receive permission by the administrator and then will have full rights to post. Facebook also has a place for discussion, for notes, and for videos.  A brief discussion about what our Group wants ensued and we agreed to visit the Facebook page and try it out in the next month.  In March, we will discuss what we’re looking for in a sharing site and how well Facebook meets those needs.

The next meeting will be March 1 at 7 p.m. and the technical presentation will be on RAW by Michael Milicia.  John Sullivan will lead the Photo Discussion component. In April (the 5th) we hope to go to LensProToGo in West Concord.  Stay tuned for confirmation of this event.

Marv asked the group members if they would be interested in mounting a photo show in some location and the answer was in the affirmative.


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