April 5, 2011

Meeting site: LensProToGo in West Concord

Thirteen group members showed up to the LensProToGo facility and were welcomed by Paul Friedman, owner, and by Marv Goldschmitt who chaired the meeting.

Marv, to the delight of Julie Turner, reminded group members that membership in BCA is strongly encouraged since BCA is providing the space and sponsorship of the group.  Membership information can be found on the BCA Website at http://www.bedfordarts.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=19&Itemid=58 .  Checks can be mailed to Julie McCay Turner, 431 Concord Road, Bedford, MA 01730.

We discussed whether we should continue to meet through the summer and decided to do so, changing the schedule only to shift the July meeting to the 12th rather than the 5th because of the proximity to the long holiday weekend.

John Wiliszowski presented information about an invitation from the Bedford Library for our group to present a show entitled “From Dusk to Dawn”.  The group unanimously and enthusiastically endorsed the idea.  John will take this back to Jean Hammond who is in charge of the shows and we will invite her to come to our May meeting to provide us the details.  The working dates are as follows:

  • August 22, submit jpgs
  • Before August 30, members whose images are accepted will be notified to have their pictures framed
  • These dates will be reviewed with Jean to be sure that we allow time for people to get their pictures printed and framed.  Other information provided included that the images do not have to be captured in Bedford and there is no restriction on the capture date.

A possible topic for June’s meeting will be printing and framing to help members prepare for the September show.

The next meeting, May 3, will be Mark Davison’s presentation on the detail of his workflow.  The meeting will be in the Old Town Hall at 7 p.m.

The program was then turned over to Paul Friedman.  Paul told us about the history of his business—that he started it in a room in his house, then moved to a finished basement, and then to the West Concord facility.  Paul has concentrated on customer service and indicated that he thinks that has been one of the major factors in its growth over the past five years.  He then conducted a question and answer session covering a variety of topics including, lens care, opinions about customer service differences between the major camera makers, range of equipment available, repair issues


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